From 11/30/2010 to 12/29/2010


avatar 10:36 PM Bug #43: amcc.rb issues
Hey, That fix will work unless adapter_num contains a space - Justin Mazzi
avatar 07:18 PM Bug #43 (Resolved): amcc.rb issues
I've applied a fix in r1861, to enforce a similar model of default value for @adapter_num@. Please check it out and see if it works for you? Mikhail Yakshin
avatar 06:48 PM Bug #43 (Assigned): amcc.rb issues
Thanks for your contribution! I'll try to estimate what's best overall and apply a relevant patch ASAP. Mikhail Yakshin
avatar 04:04 PM Bug #43: amcc.rb issues
Our developer made things "pretty" so you can see the code changes better: Jeremy Miller


avatar 11:02 PM Bug #43: amcc.rb issues
sorry about the formatting on the above, let me know if anything isn't clear Jeremy Miller
avatar 11:00 PM Bug #43: amcc.rb issues
Hello, I have worked with one of our in-house developers to isolate and fix a bug with the amcc module. The issue is as follows: ... Jeremy Miller
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