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Customizable business process workflow

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Status:New Start:01/13/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:01/13/2009
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Target version:GSoC


Currently Inquisitor sports a pretty fixed workflow support, borrowed from Etegro's manufacturing process:

  • ordering
  • warehouse
  • acceptance
  • assembling
  • testing
  • checking
  • packaging

This workflow should be configurable. Humanity has already invented lots of solutions for configurable workflow descriptions, such as BPEL and myriads of other workflow description/implementation techniques.

We should:
  • Analyze which technologies, libraries and implementations are around and choose one of them.
  • Implement a configurable workflow for Inquisitor business process using chosen technology.
  • Document how to use it.

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follows Feature #7 Modularization of database structure New 01/12/2009


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