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Log files creation

Added by Mikhail Yakshin 3771 days ago. Updated 2031 days ago.

Status:Assigned Start:01/23/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:2.1


Some proprietary utilities we're using are eager to create various log/debug info files on every call. Given that they (and einarc) are usually used by root, they usually succeed, making whole filesystem a trashpile with various log/debug files.

To be precise:
  • lsi_megacli's cli creates MegaSAS.log on every call.
  • Adaptec's arcconf creates UcliEvt.log on every call.
  • lsi_megarc's cli creates megarc.log on every call.

Generally, these files are unwanted and just litter up the filesystem. They shouldn't be written (or deleted ASAP) by default, and may be there should be an option to turn them back on.


Updated by Mikhail Yakshin 3771 days ago

  • Target version set to 2.0

Updated by Mikhail Yakshin 2031 days ago

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Fixed for lsi_megacli, postponed to 2.1 for others.

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