Feature #10


Importing results from Live CD to Enterprise server

Added by Mikhail Yakshin 3782 days ago.

Status:New Start:01/12/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:3.1


Running Live CD produces a tarball with all results that can be carried out from system under test using some sort of external storage (i.e. it can be written on a USB flash device, transferred as a file using network, etc).

It would be nice to have an ability to import this tarball with all the results in a server to produce full-featured entries in a database, available using web interface.

This task would involve:
  • Fixing output format of files written to disk by Live CD (they're generate by client/communication/local module) to be readable later for import.
  • Making a part of web interface that would allow to upload tarball using web interface and import all its contents.
  • Making a relevant part of REST web service that would accept sent tarball for importing in database.

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