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11:31 AM Inquisitor Bug #40: Killing Monitorings after finished Testing
Add subj. base on pid-files.


03:46 PM Inquisitor Bug #39: Broken zoom in to graphs of The testing_stage
All _Monitorings_ throughout the selected _Testing_ are shown on the _Marks_ tab. It is possible to do zoom into separate _Testing Stage_ (by clicking on it), but this feature seem's to be broken. When any _Testing Stage_ following the *odd_read* ...


11:32 PM Inquisitor Feature #37: Visibility of profiles in the WEB-Interface
* Add is_deleted field into profiles table * Do not show profiles in the drop-down menus in case when is_deleted == true: ** for selector on computer page ** for selector on order page * Add opportunity to edit is_deleted field on profile opti...


05:59 PM Inquisitor Bug #36: test/torrent-upload: possibly broken relative $TORRENT path handling
Mikhail Yakshin wrote: > Most probably this construct will fail in case of using relative path in @$TORRENT@ argument. I checked this today - it's strange but test works correctly (relative path is valid).

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