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09:24 AM Einarc Feature #30: Verbose and dry-run
Postponed to 2.1.
09:23 AM Einarc Bug #33 (New): [software] support for different versions of sysfs
Needs to be checked whether it's still relevant, and, if it is, should be done in 2.1.
09:22 AM Einarc Feature #15 (Assigned): Log files creation
Fixed for @lsi_megacli@, postponed to 2.1 for others.
09:21 AM Einarc Feature #18: Machine-friendly output
Postponed to 2.1
09:20 AM Einarc Feature #16 (Closed): More user friendly Einarc CLI
Mostly implemented in 2.0. @adapter info@ should became a target of a major overhaul, not just sorting fix.
09:18 AM Einarc Bug #42: einarc
Fixed formatting, postponed fix to 2.1
09:15 AM Einarc Bug #12 (Closed): Einarc: eliminate global constants
Global constants are eliminated, they're available in `Einarc` module now.


01:00 PM Inquisitor Feature #45: Modern web-based SSH client for client management
Current implementation uses proprietary Mindterm java-applet ssh client, which is generally non-free and non-redistributable. A bright idea is to replace it with modern, web-based and free implementation. Possible candidates: * https://gith...


02:51 PM Inquisitor Bug #44: Support for new SATA DVDs
As reported by Mike Majetich: > System has a SATA DVD (hp SATA OptionROM 200.c02) > > When it attempt to start it give error > > "This Debian Live image failed to boot" > > (Next is a paragraph about reporting error to Debian) > > Then ...


02:53 PM Inquisitor Revision 2020: Fixed problem with improper octal-based additions in hdparm; added more comments a...
Fixed problem with improper octal-based additions in hdparm; added more comments about number formats and more explicit premature test failure checks

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